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Friday, November 9, 2018

Haircuts & Dim Sum Lunch

Aloha Everyone,

We finally got a couple of replacement parts for Honu. The parts from Canada took 5 weeks. Perhaps I could have given them a gentle nudge after the first 2 weeks delay but then the person handling customer service sounded overwhelmed on the phone. So what’s 3 more weeks? Anyway, while waiting, the two of us went to California then to Utah.

J.J. and I got haircuts at the Supercuts salon located near the airport. We utilized the 40 minutes waiting period to walk to the adjacent shopping center where we found an excellent Asian supermarket. They had at least 10 varieties of Asian apples, pears and dragon fruits. And wonderful veggies which one do not normally see unless you go to Bristol Farm or some other specialty store. I bought several pears for J.J. and 10 small persimmons for me. The latter is perfect for individual servings!

Katie overseas as manager 3 Supercuts stylists. Friendly, high energy, full of life, J.J. and I were happy and grateful that she was the one who gave us our haircuts :-)

Dim Sum lunch at the appropriately named Hong Kong Restaurant was a very good choice. Servers pushing carts, all shouting in Cantonese, took us back to our favorite Dim Sum restaurants in Hong Kong.

Aloha -- Cathi