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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Temple View RV Resort

 Aloha Everyone,

Temple View RV Resort is home for Honu for our one-week stay at St. George. January, February, March and October are considered the Peak Season. However this year, we were told, the place is packed starting in November. St. George, mere 300 miles south-southwest of Salt Lake City, makes this place an attractive choice to winter.

The McArthur Family-owned RV Resort is located on 13.5 acres of family farm with a section still reserved for growing alfalfa. There are 136 mobile homes for owner-occupants. You must be 55 plus. Additional sites for 136 RV have no age restrictions.

The large activity room is a popular gathering place for quilters, chorus, electronics class, potluck dinner, bingo and jam session. I believe there is also an Aqua aerobics class every morning in the heated pool. 

J.J. and I met several seniors who stay 3 to 6 months a year and even year around.

It is a safe and friendly place and I enjoy my daily walk. By the second day, I was exchanging greetings with nearly two dozen fellow early risers.

Ashlyn is a college student studying American Sign Language. Cheerful and helpful, Ashlyn seems to enjoy her working in the office and interacting with seniors.

Aloha -- Cathi