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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Artisan Craft Festival at Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall

Aloha Everyone,

I saw a banner advertising the Artisan Craft Festival at Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall. When I checked the hotel’s website, it stated:

This is the must attend event of the Arts and Crafts world in Las Vegas!
  • Free parking!
  • Free admissions for all ages!
  • One of a kind gifts and keepsakes!
We are not gullible to believe in such advertising, but then I thought we might find something that is one of a kind. The hotel and the KOA RV park share the name but not much else. Unless there is a movie we would like to see, the two of us stay away from that section of Sam’s Town.

Once inside, J.J. and I had to ask two different security guards as to the venue. It was on the far end of the second floor with no sign to indicate that we have arrived.

J.J. estimates that there were a maximum of 40 stalls predominantly displaying inexpensive trinkets from countries where you can buy I inexpensive trinkets. At 11:30 am, the place was empty. Vendors were visiting other vendors, especially if they were offering free samples.

We declined free face painting and balloons, no palm reading and left the place without purchasing anything as we truly wished them well in their endeavors.

Aloha -- Cathi