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Monday, November 26, 2018

Peping & Letty

Aloha Everyone,

Letty, J.J.’s sister, and her husband Peping invited us to a lunch at a Japanese fusion restaurant.

Peping has always been involved in numerous business ventures from retail and commercial banking to security guards and building maintenance services. However in his retirement, Peping has new passions. He is the founder & board member of two schools that are diametrically on the opposite end of spectrum.

Everest Academy Manila, the only K-12 International Catholic school in the Philippines belongs to a network of more than 200 schools around the world. The school caters to the upper crust of society whose parents are willing and able to pay high tuition to educate their young.

Mano Amiga Academy is a K-12 school offering international standard education for poverty level families. They provide scholarships for students and sustainable livelihood for parents. Part of the tuition is in-kind labor.

Aloha -- Cathi