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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tangible Benefits of Exercise

Aloha Everyone,

I am and have always been a morning person. I love the cool or even cold, brisk morning air. I love to listen to bird songs. I love to watch the sun rise especially when Honu is parked among ancient trees. There is a magical quality and special energy as the sun’s warmth envelopes the world.

After sharing breakfast with J.J., I am off for my daily walk. Using my iPhone  timer, I divide my time into two segments — 50 minutes each. The first 50 minutes is for my walking meditation. It is my personal time. It makes me calm, I am focused, I am balanced.

During the second 50 minutes, I talk with friends who live in the East Coast or in the Mountain Time Zone. Usually our son Jeff calls me from Hawaii as he drives to school. This is a weekday routine which I cherish.

Exercise, of any type, helps maintain your positive mental state and helps you relax. This is because the brain releases endorphins, “feel-good chemicals” throughout the body which helps reduce anxiety and a depressed mood. When your body feels good, you also gain self-esteem.

J.J. and I hardly ever get colds, the flu or stomach indigestion. We are grateful that our current lifestyle is beneficial to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Aloha -- Cathi