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Saturday, July 20, 2019

An Extraordinary Day

Aloha Everyone,

It began as an ordinary day. After my walk and breakfast with J.J., we were ready to move. I began today’s drive taking advantages of states where I feel comfortable to drive.

In the town of Heber, J.J. stopped to inquire about having wheel alignment. Receiving a positive response and being informed that it would take about two hours, we decided to go ahead.

A wonderful leisurely lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

When the two of us  seated ourselves in the customer waiting lounge, little did we realize that the waiting time would extend to 5 hours. The job scheduling manager was polite and professional. She apologized profusely over the unexpected delay. The actual work took 15-20 minutes. With more apologies, she comp the job.

Unfortunately, two KOA campgrounds which we were planning to stop & stay closed by 6:00 pm. Recalling a small RV Park in Nephi, J.J. drove an additional 90 minutes. High Country RV Park was where we frequented when J.J. did volunteer photography for the US Forest Services.  

Fortunately, using their self check-in, J.J. and were able to settle in for the night.

Aloha -- Cathi