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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Traversing Wyoming

Aloha Everyone,

Last night Honu’s accommodation was KOA Lyman, Wyoming. The park is verdant and our site was surrounded by well-trimmed green grassy areas. I recall the Uinta Mountain Range from our previous stay. Situated mostly in northwestern Utah, the Uinta Mountains are unusual for being the highest range in the contiguous USA. The peaks are from 11,000–13,528 feet and they were visible this morning when I braved the morning chill of 43-49 degrees to do my 3 miles walk.

I wasn’t able to take photos during my 2 1/2 hours of driving. Going through a long section of construction area, I had to concentrate for Honu to not get off the temporarily cordoned off section of the two-way highway. Glad that I was able to take us safely to Rowlins and J.J. was happy to take over.

Located in the mountain region, Wyoming, based on 2018 census estimate, has a population of 577,737. This makes Wyoming, the 10th largest by area, and the least populous in the USA. Except for the construction area where roads became congested, most of today’s drive was through wide open countryside with few cars and trucks.

Tonight we are staying at Casper KOA in Casper, Wyoming. The outside temperature is 86 degrees and no breeze. Will wait for awhile before I finish my daily walk.

Aloha -- Cathi