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Friday, July 12, 2019

Renewed My SD Driver’s License

Aloha Everyone,

How quickly our first 5-years as South Dakotans has gone by. One of the must thing to accomplish on this trip was to renew my driver’s license.  

Documentations requirements obtained online and also from our mail forwarding service company was rather lengthy.

1.  Completed application form
2.  My current driver’s license
3.  Accommodation receipt proving that I have been in SD within the last 180 days.
4.  Letter from our mail forwarding service in SD that J.J. and I are their client. 
5.  Two documents to prove our SD residential address.
6. Social Security card.

The wait was about an hour since I did not make a prior appointment.  

Once I was called, the clerk accepted the first 4 of my documents and said I was all set. No written test necessary. After a quick eye exam, I stood in front of a curtain for my photo.

I am happy. My new license is good until 2024!

Aloha -- Cathi