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Monday, July 8, 2019

Reflection on our Family Time

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I were glad that we were able to spend 12-days at my Mother’s. That was followed by a fabulous week in Hawaii seeing our son Jeff and his wife, Jenny. We continued with our family visits by spending an incredible week in La Jolla with our older son, his wife and our granddaughter. Among so many varied interesting and memorable activities, the highlight was celebrating our granddaughter’s 12th birthday.

Our granddaughter now clearly towers over me. She still has a little girl’s figure, but her hands and shoe size promises more growth spurts. Her daily activities during our stay were far from ordinary. It included flute practice; Tang So Do; table tennis; swimming; boogie boarding at the beach; and roller blading, plus an evening musical ensemble at home. She tackled them all with poise, confidence and self assurance. I wonder if I had her aplomb when I was her age.

Always an avid and voracious reader, our granddaughter has her nose in one book or another. I relish the times when the two of us just “hanged-out” and drew pictures together or laid on a bed with each of us reading a book. A funny instance was when our granddaughter chose a  book for me to read but found that mine was more interesting so she came next to me and we read from the same book together.

Our family’s love gives us positive energy and spiritual high. Hugs we give and receive from one another are a powerful healing and protective tool.

With gratitude for these visits and promises of future get together, J.J. and I are starting our new RV adventure.

Aloha -- Cathi