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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Blinklist/Emotional Blackmail, 1997, by Susan Forward, PhD

 Aloha Everyone,

I stumbled onto the Blinklist app a couple of days ago. I was trying to research summaries of several books I was contemplating in purchasing. 
Blinkist is free and as long as you are using their basic service, there are no additional charges. Blinklist is at present the #1 book summary app. Blinklist library includes nearly every book you want to read or curious about its content.  
15 minutes is all you need to check out Blinklist to read a book summary.
Emotional Blackmail, 1997, by Susan Forward, PhD is not just an attention grabbing title but the content is insightful and her message has substance with “ah ha” moments. Emotional Blackmail helps reader to understand, identify, approach and rectify harmful, unhealthy relationship which often involves close family members, friends and business associates. 
Aloha -- Cathi