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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Introducing Our Flat Granddaughter 2019-2020

Aloha Everyone,

During her birthday month, I make an updated flat granddaughter who will accompany J.J. and me on our RV adventures interspersed with foreign travels. This tradition began when we retired nearly 6 years ago.

Her birthday card is an over-sized handmade card which serves as a pictorial summary of the year just passed. Photos of our granddaughter, family, relatives and friends plus her personal and school activities take up at least 3 sections. There are also her travels, books she is reading and her art work, etc. The end result is rather comprehensive. My intention is that every birthday card will give her some “I remember that” moments.

The cover design of the card depends on what our granddaughter was involved in that particular year. For example, last year I mounted the flat granddaughter against an sprawling meadow with colorful wild flowers. In the distance is Mount Hood. This year, I placed her in a deep green pine forest with sunlight streaming through dark branches.

Gathering photos and information require time and assistance especially from my daughter-in-law.   Our granddaughter’s big smiles and hugs are worth a thousand “thank yous” as J.J. and I are grateful to be a part of her young engaging life.

Aloha -- Cathi