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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Debates on Masks

Aloha Everyone,

The rules and guidance for wearing face masks and covering are confusing. Depending on who is issuing the guide, words are muddled as they are very carefully crafted by legal experts to protect not the mask wearers but the person or organizations who issue the guidance.

As of this writing, residents and visitors in Mexico are required to wear masks or face coverings indoors. This usually means in a restaurant setting until your food is delivered to your table. Your masks can be removed while you are consuming the food. However, preference is that you recover your nose & mouth when paying the bill.

Now then comes what kind of face masks or coverings would be most effective. J.J. and I went to a Farmacia Guadalajara outlet in search of better masks. The best we found was KN-95 which is being retailed for US $1.50 a piece. A package containing “US cotton face masks were a throw back from the WWII era. J.J. had a good laugh when I put a pair on. The ribbon ties are to be secured on back of your head twice. One set looping above your ears and the second set below.

In less than 10 minutes of trying one on, I started to perspire and when I tried to untie, they were so tight that I had to cut them off with a pair of nail clippers. J.J. has a challenge breathing with masks but he will tolerate a 3-layered disposable surgical mask for short periods.

For some sage advice, please read: What are the rules and guidance for face masks and coverings? - BBC News

Aloha -- Cathi