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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Focus on Positives & Be Mindful of Your Health

Aloha Everyone,

Our temperature is checked, we get goops of jelly hand sanitizer as we step into a wet foot pad soaked in, we assume, some sort of antibacterial solution. People are required to wear masks. But is that enough or does one need to remain Isolated?

The current situation is reminiscent of two dark and disturbing novels I read, Station Eleven and Night. They were English class assignments of my granddaughter two years ago.

Our family and friends scattered around the United States and the world are expressing various options of what we should be doing. Some question why are we in Mexico where COVID numbers are spiking and not enough people have been vaccinated.

Fortunately, our two sons approach the Covid variants using available data and reliable facts. They believe there are risks, but it is minimal since J.J. and I are vaccinated. We adhere to current CDC guidelines as the situation changes.

Please focus on positives and be mindful of your surroundings but do not put hold on living your life.

Aloha -- Cathi