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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Our Daily Exercise & Diet Goals

Aloha Everyone,

It has been 11 weeks since enduring and coming out victorious after his major cancer operation. J.J.’s road to recovery continues.  

Today he is much more conscientious about his diet, both the quality as well as quantity of the food he consumes.   

J.J. also tries to adhere to his daily walking exercise of between 2 to 3 miles verses my 5 - 6 miles. The two of us maintain flexible schedules so if J.J. prefers to rest, he stops at Starbucks while I continue with my walk.

Plaza de la Liberation located less than 4 minutes away from our hotel is definitely my favorite plaza. It is partially due to its size, plus fountains and trees providing welcoming shade.  Iconic views of the Guadalajara cathedral, popular horse drawn buggies for tourists, quick glimpses of weddings and baptisms, family reunions all take place in this plaza. This is where one observes life. This is where one appreciates life.

In this immediate location of the Centro Historico, there are at least 5 plazas connected and easily accessible by going one direction. Being mindful of my tendency to get lost but also trying to extend my walking routine from 5 minutes around a plaza to 12 minutes walking across 3 plazas is enjoyable.

Aloha -- Cathi