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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Celebration Lunch at La Vaca Argentina

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I consider every new day as a reason to rejoice and celebrate. The two of us do not take our health for granted.

Today we went to an upscale restaurant called La Vaca Argentina to celebrate J.J.’s continuing recovery.

La Vaca Argentina specializes in all cuts of meat and fish. J.J. enjoyed a savory 1.1 lbs sirloin steak. I was very happy with a sumptuous assortment of grilled vegetables plus sharing J.J.’s grilled asparagus which accompanied his steak. Since my grilled veggies and asparagus were considered side dishes, the cost of our lunch was reasonable. Inclusive of a round trip taxi rides and a generous tips, we paid US$65.

In a stark contrast, the two of us had a traditional Mexican lunch earlier in the week in a large restaurant located across the street from our hotel. We paid $US3.20 for J.J.’s two tacos plus my two pieces of quesadillas. And yes, this lunch also was inclusive of a generous tip.

We are constantly reminded of a disparity between haves and have nots at every place we visit as well as in the United States.

Aloha -- Cathi