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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Money Changers

Aloha Everyone,

Money Changers are licensed currency exchange dealers. From our past travels to pre-Communist Hong Kong, J.J. would find a small hole in a wall money changer reputed to be honest and offering fair exchange rates from US dollars to Hong Kong dollars.

Here in Guadalajara, Money Changers have established retail store fronts. Concealed behind chain link entrances and surveillance cameras, a money changer sits behind a protective plexiglass enclosure to conduct business.   

From our hotel, I crossed the driveway, then onto the entry for Plaza del Sol. I counted 9 money changers. The most popular and where you always find a line of customers waiting is a bank owned shop.

This is the best one because they publish the daily exchange rate. A quick personal survey showed why there is always a long line. Their rates are at least better.

J.J. had to complete a written form, show his passport and visa which were copied. He had to again sign after receiving the cash.

Aloha -- Cathi