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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

International Dining Selections

Aloha Everyone,

Turkish food at Istanbul Restaurant is a delightful change from spicy Mexican meals. Enjoying my salad with lots of olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions plus feta cheese, I thought that I can have this everyday. J.J. chose grilled beef with pita bread. His comment was that the meat was tasty but a little tough.

After 5 weeks in Mexico, it was a time for J.J. to look for a Japanese restaurant. This tiny restaurant located at the other end of the mall faces a parking lot. The interior of Asahi is small though we noticed steady diners and people getting take-out. We suspect that they cater to Japanese corporate employees who are stationed in Guadalajara.

Food quality was passable. J.J. savored each bite by commenting, “Ah, this is the taste of home.” I had to assume that he was referring to Los Angeles. Udon was served hot. J.J. thought Gyoza was too salty. I refrained from commenting on the vegetable tempura served with cold rice and lukewarm miso soup. One has to adjust and accept local interpretation of familiar dishes.

Our lunch at Chile’s Plaza del Sol was unexpectedly wonderful. J.J. enjoyed his baby back ribs and I truly loved my house salad plus a small cup of Tortilla soup. Like Sanborns Restaurant, we would go back for another meal.

Aloha -- Cathi