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Monday, November 15, 2021

Dining Experiences in Rhodes

Aloha Everyone,

Our hotel serves an extensive hot and cold buffet-style breakfast. We have to put on plastic gloves, wear our masks while making our food selection. There are seven food stations including hot and cold beverages, a large selection of bread and crackers, cereals, vegetables, fruits, cheese, Greek yogurt, meat, eggs, an assortment of bakery including spinach and cheese pies plus sweet dessert items.

I usually make a plate of fresh veggies and
 fruits, a slice of coarse Farmer’s bread, crackers and have cheese plus egg as my daily protein.

Our lunch is usually between 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Since arriving in Rhodes, JJ continues to enjoy seafood, grilled meats, souvlaki and calamari dishes interspersed with toasted sandwiches.  I am able to find grilled vegetables, very large beans or string beans cooked in herbs, olive oil and tomato sauce. The beans are tasty, healthy and satisfying. 

One challenge we have when eating out is that restaurants require they scan the Greek government issued QR code on their vaccination cards.  For Americans, we have no such code.  JJ and I carry a copy of our vaccination certificates and a copy of our passport to satisfy their requirement.  For violation, the server will be jailed for 24 hours, the restaurant owner is fined 5,000€ plus restaurant will be closed for 10 days. The stricter rule started about 10 days ago.

Aloha -- Cathi