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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aloha Everyone,

We enjoyed an atypical Thanksgiving Day in Rhodes by going on our daily castle walk and visiting the Rhodes Archeological Museum. This impressive building was the hospital established by the Knights of St. John.  The work took over 36 years to complete during the time of the Grand Master d’Abusson (1476-1503).

Most impressive is the large hall located on the east wing of the second floor. This was the patient’s ward of the Knights’ hospital with displays of tombstones of Knights.

As with many of archeological museums we have visited, quantity of exhibits and displays are overwhelming. While J.J. stayed on the ground floor enjoying the serenity of the cool shade, I walked and climbed in and out of rooms trying to look for the featured pottery and sculpture and spent about an hour. 

Here are my breakfast selection and our Thanksgiving lunch. For dinner, we dined at the hotel’s restaurant. Their 4-course menu offering of soup, salad, main course plus dessert and choice of beverages at €12 per hotel guest was 1/2 the price compared to what the two of us spend for a comparable meals in restaurants.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Aloha -- Cathi