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Monday, November 1, 2021

End of 2021 Tourist Season

Aloha Everyone,

In Naxos where tourism plays a huge part of the island’s economy, we’ve counted approximately 65% of businesses, including restaurants and retail stores, have closed effective October 31st. Today we are seeing workers carting away tables and chairs. The empty restaurants and storefronts will reopen before June, the start of the new season. We were told the summer months generate sufficient income for an entire year.

J.J. and I have four more days before we leave Naxos. We have exactly a month remaining in Greece. The two of us decided to go over our personal effects and trim wherever we can to lighten the weight of our suitcases.

The computer bag J.J. carried was one of the items we decided to give away. The recipient, a friend we made here in Naxos, is very happy with our gift which make us pleased that the bag will be enjoyed by someone we know. The old fashion calculator is something J.J. always carried around. He will from now on switch to using the calculator on his iPhone. We also carried a magnifier which had light. Again, we have switched to the magnifier on our iPhones. Extra clothes will be donated.

One of the reasons for lightening our suitcases is we need to take them to the port over cobblestone roads and then lift them into metal racks on the ferries.

Aloha -- Cathi