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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hop-On Hop-Off

Aloha Everyone,

The buses are usually painted bright red. During the height of the tourist season, they are an economical way to visit highlights of a city. 

Using the Hop-On Hop-off map, J.J. and I wanted to see if we’ve skipped any of the recommended sights. The first 4 places on their map are  Rhodes Horizon Hotel, Psaroooula Square, with the statue of Psaroooula, an Ancient Greek boxer from the 5th Century BC. Grand Hotel, another passenger pick up site and the aquarium.

Eleftherias Square (station 5 is the site where the ancient wonder, Colossus of Rhodes once stood. New Market (station 6) located in the city center is a big disappointment. J.J. and I walked through the market three times and each time all we saw were businesses boarded up and only 1 or 2 merchants had their businesses open. Only the modern looking gate is worth photographing. Our educated guess is that this was a failed concept. Station 7 is the Kolona Tower, one of the main gates to the Old Town which we wrote about in our previous blog. Stations 8, 9, & 10 are Tourist Harbor, where cruise ships come and go, Commercial Harbor and New Marina respectively.

For history lovers like us, station 11 is the best. It includes a Cathedral, ancient Greek monuments, the Temple of Apollo, an ancient stadium and multipurpose amphitheater with marble steps.

To get a quick glimpse of Rhodes, €12 for a one day pass is well worth it.

Aloha -- Cathi