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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Cruise Ships Not Welcome

Aloha Everyone,

During our recent cruise to Alaska, we experienced anti-cruise ship sentiments from local groups including ingenious First People. They would like tourists' business but also want to preserve their own culture, natural beauty for future generations. There is no doubt a conflict of interest for visitor industry vs community. One cannot define who is right or wrong. 

Norway’s fjords have changed their character since the time J.J. and I visited. So have the canals of Venice and the grand piazza in Florence, Italy. Politicians and citizens of Barcelona has been outspoken about their anti-tourist sentiments. Yet, tourist money is what sustain monumental projects like the Sagrada de La Familia, and other Gaudi’s genius showcases.

When Jeff, our son, asked me how I feel about the difficulty to go back to see the fjords in Norway, my answer is that I am grateful that we were able to enjoy it when we were younger. One cannot turn back the clock. There are still more places to discover, especially with smaller cruise ships and river cruises. So, our travels shall continue.

Aloha -- Cathi