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Friday, June 16, 2023

Honu Gets Wash & Wax

Aloha Everyone,

Madrona Chevron Car Wash is located at the corner of Madrona and Sepulveda. Driving time from our hotel took only 5 minutes.

There were lines of smaller vehicles having interiors vacuumed before going to the automatic car wash.

Honu’s size meant that washing and waxing had to be done manually.  

The two of us walked over to Target located at the adjacent property and decided to wait. We spent the next two hours walking around the store with a shopping list. After repeatedly walking one lane after the next, J.J. commented that we must be on their security cameras :-). It was not all just killing time.  I was able to find pairs of socks for my daily walk.

Madrona Chevron Car Wash did a great job. Honu is shiny and clean. This was a well-worth the $300 we paid. J.J. tipped the two men assigned to Honu leaving them with big smiles.

Back at our hotel, Honu is parked away from our usual preferred stall. For now, we rather be away from overhanging branches with birds, squirrels dropping unwelcome presents.

Aloha -- Cathi