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Monday, June 19, 2023

National Geographic Investigate

Aloha Everyone,

We watched 3 segments of National Geographic Investigate program.

At Christ Church Airport in New Zealand, there were clear signages that bringing any fresh fruits into the country is illegal. Bio security inspectors and their canine team are prepared to catch any passenger who will break the law.  Their aim is to prevent any fruit fly from entering into the country that can destroy the country’s fruits.

Ignoring clearly posted signs of US$400 fines, a passenger from UK on his way to Sydney, Australia was caught smuggling an orange in his jacket pocket. His excuse of being diabetic and require orange to boost his low sugar level didn’t work. His fruit was confiscated and he was required to pay the fine before being allowed to board his flight.

San Yisidro is a check Point located in San Diego, California. This is an entry port to and from Mexico. J.J. and I have driven through this area numerous times. 70,000 vehicles per day within a 24 hours period pass here. Amazing undertaking of how the border patrols could zoom into suspects and hopefully apprehend them before illegal drugs and contrabands enter the USA.

Madrid Barabas Airport border is manned by the Spanish National Police to watch for cocaine trafficking and illegal immigrants. Flights from Bogota, Columbia are carefully scrutinized. Colombia’s cocaine production is estimated at 1,000 tons per year. Smugglers, also known as Mules, are so desperate for money that they swallow rubber packets of cocaine. The two of us have used this airport. Interesting to see what goes on behind the airport scene.

Aloha -- Cathi