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Friday, June 9, 2023

Positive News Regarding Lake Mead and Lake Powell in Arizona

Aloha Everyone,

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir of water in the United States by volume and in terms of surface area, Lake Mead is second to Lake Powell.  

Lake Mead includes four large, connected basins covering deep canyons along the historic Colorado River channel. J.J. and I are familiar with this section of Lake Mead. When we drive from Arizona to California, we crossed four basins including Gregg, Temple, Virgin and Boulder.

Our son, Jeff’s familiarity with Lake Mead is white water kayaking on the Colorado River towards the Hoover Dam.

As a positive result of heavy rains and snowfalls in the Pacific Northwest, Lake Meads’ water level has risen 10-15 feet and Lake Powell is 65 feet higher. Really wonderful news since millions depend on this water.

Below map provided by the website of

Aloha -- Cathi