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Friday, July 14, 2023

At Home Entertainment

Aloha Everyone,

Vikings Valhalla

Sequel to the popular Vikings series which focused on Eric, the Red. This series is loosely based on historical characters, Leif Erickson and his younger sister, Freydis.

Freydis rose to become the priestess of Uppsala. She is fearless, merciless and a murderer, but also religious and confident.

A tall and lanky Swedish model and actress, Frida Gustavsson brings convincing acting to the role of Freydis.

Young Victoria

Love and partnership between eighteen year old British Royal Victoria who ascended to the throne and her husband, Prince Albert of Germany.

Victoria and Albert Museum founded in 1857 in London is the world’s largest museum of applied arts, decorative arts and design. Free entrance when most museums and even churches charge entry fees, I recall that J.J. and I spent several hours during one of our previous visits and saw but a tiny fraction of available exhibits.

Prince Albert improved the education of poor children. His work in improving the condition of the laboring class had a lasting effect.

Victoria and Albert had 9 children over the course of 17 years. The children were married to the ruling families of Europe, Scandinavia and even Greece, thus cementing political alliances.

Love & Gelato

Light love and travel story about a young girl spending summer in Italy. Acting, storyline and dialogues were pedestrian. J.J. and I could cite several other films starting with “Roman Holiday” and “Under the Tuscan Sun” as much better productions.

Aloha -- Cathi