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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Company Mandated Tips for Online Shopping

Aloha Everyone,

Previous occasions when we ordered items online, unless you wanted to have products delivered on the same day, there was no delivery charge.

Now you have to pay a membership to avoid delivery charges. For example, Amazon membership is $139 per year. One can get Walmart membership which will be $98 per annum or you can pay $7.50 per order.

So today the two of us placed orders for Walmart. The total came out $118 inclusive of taxes. The website automatically tried to place delivery tips. Since items are available from different sources and will be delivered on separate days, we declined to include a delivery tip.

J.J. and I are generous when it comes to tipping. We also feel that persons receiving tip should had to have done extra services to deserve it.

We recently saw a YouTube video of a pizza delivery person. Upon receiving $5 tip, equal to 25% of the order, from the owner of the house, he insulted her which was caught on her home security camera.

Aloha -- Cathi