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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Happy Month of July!

Aloha Everyone,

For those of us who celebrate 4th of July, Independence Day, have a great holiday weekend!  

I had an interesting experience this afternoon. Went out to the Nobel Recreation Park to complete my daily walk regiment, I came upon a huge group of people who were celebrating Hajj. This year’s Hajj began on the evening of Monday June 26, 2023. It ended today, Saturday July 1 at sunset.

A couple with a daughter in a stroller was waiting for their family to join. To my inquiry of what is the occasion, he explained to me that Hajj 2023 is to inspire unity, tolerance and brotherhood among Muslims worldwide. He quickly added that the celebrations are not limited to Muslims and extended their invitation to join his family to participate in good food, good company and good laughs.

There were two large covered tents with benches to accommodate large groups. I saw several men wearing ibraam, two piece white clothes but they were mostly in western clothes. Women, on the other hand, were wearing clothes that cover the length of their body and a hijab which covered their hair.  

It was a carnival-like atmosphere with pony rides, inflated bouncing houses, pseudo rock climbing walls, venders of colorful costumes, cotton candy, ice cream and more exotic food with unfamiliar names and smells. It was as if I was transported to the African continent. There must have been at least over 200 people at any given time.

Aloha -- Cathi