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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Keeping in Touch

Aloha Everyone,

Your day is going well. Pretty much routine of getting up early, have a healthy breakfast and in my case, off I go out for my daily walk.

But wait, an unexpected text message from a friend, a voice mail from another or recent photos from their travel destinations can give you an additional spiritual lift.

This week, I received a handful of such messages & emails. From Massachusetts, a good friend sent us photos of his two sons and their fiancées. Within 3 weeks, both of his sons got engaged!

A dear friend in Hawaii wrote and said she is house and puppy sitting over the summer. No puppy but J.J. and I are loving our house sitting in La Jolla for another 3 weeks.

A couple of friends in the East Coast and MidWest shared their happy news of additional grandchildren. Graduations and retirement parties with family photos are always welcome.  

More adventurous friend in Vancouver wrote and said she and her husband will be going on the Camino in Spain.  Thereafter, their destinations will be “stans” — to follow the Silk Road. I am not sure which countries allow access with their Canadian passports.  

So happy to hear that our friends are staying busy. Taking cooking classes, yoga classes and art/ceramic classes while others have joined horticulture clubs and book club. Whatever your pursuit is keep your body and brain active.

On our end, J.J. is finalizing the details for our next cruise.

Aloha -- Cathi