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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Great Dining Experiences

Aloha Everyone,

The following story is shared by our son, Jeff in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When one dines in a restaurant, there are certain expectations.

  • For instance, as you stepped into the restaurant, were you greeted warmly?
  • How was the quality of food?
  • How was the serving staff?
  • How was the quality of food?
  • Ambiance of the restaurant?
  • Payment procedure?
Jeff and Jenny frequent a restaurant called Merriman’s Honolulu near Ward’s Center in Kakaako. They choose “Happy Hours” for drink and small bite size dishes. This once or twice a week event is very enjoyable for our son and our daughter-in-law. Jeff mentioned that Merriman’s is a little pricey, but the staff know them and treat them as their VIP guests 

Occasionally new dishes are offered as complimentary. “We give them a 25% to 30% tip, but for us it’s all worthwhile for the peace and relaxation.”

Aloha -- Cathi