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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Our Mobile Devices

Aloha Everyone,

AARP BULLETIN June 2023 issue, has a helpful article titled MY PHONE CAN DO THAT?

I am aware that my iPhone is underutilized. I have a list of things to learn concerning usage. The truth is they remain on my “to learn” list even when I receive notifications at least twice a week. Once in a while I do try to learn something new.

There are things J.J. is competent at especially when it comes to any issues that are travel related — hotels, airlines, cruise bookings and online banking. My forte is taking care of communication ends such as emails, texts, attachments of files, organizing photos, music library and ebooks.

Leaning new things is fun. For example, iPhone can create real-time captions of what is being said, and it can also serve as a real time translator. Knowing whether you could use your data plan, need to access personal WiFi routers or public WiFi depends on where you are and if their WiFi services are reputable.

Aloha -- Cathi