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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Day 1 on the Sapphire Princess

Aloha Everyone,

Both of us were in Excellent mood. Happy and excited of embarking on another new adventure. Phone conversations with our sons gave us additional joyful energy that we simply shrugged off minor irritations of boarding procedures.

Our cabin is on the port side  with large window. There is no two extra beds mounted on the walls which give us an illusion of  spaciousness.

J.J. and I took both meals in the International Dinning Room on Deck 6. Our dining mates were experienced travelers and the atmosphere was relaxed. Our beverage server and food server were being trained by the main waiter who looked nervous. We are sure within a day or so, they will be comfortable in their assigned job or will be relieved.

I am asking for Gluten Free dishes throughout the cruises. A woman seated at our table mentioned that her granddaughter is being raised as a vegetarian. She is now 8. Her granddaughter is physically healthy and average size. Since her granddaughter doesn’t know any other food, she has no cravings for meat or fish.

Tonight’s Showtime with Robbie Printz, a stand up comedian, was very entertaining. His jokes were appropriate for the audience and all but one was clean.

Aloha -- Cathi