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Monday, October 9, 2023

Mission to Reduce my Glucose

Aloha Everyone,

I love to take sips of J.J.’s freshly brewed coffee which he prepares with cream and organic raw cane sugar. It gives me a quick pick me up at the beginning of my morning walk.  

But I am on a mission to reduce my glucose and still gain a quick pick me up, so here’s what I learned.

Out of 7 items listed as health benefits of black coffee, all are great except for item 1.

Health benefits of black coffee

1.  May reduce weight (Don’t Need This)
2.  Help to improve physical performance
3.  May decrease the risk of diabetes
4.  May lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
5.  May beneficial for liver health
6.  Helps to keep the urinary system clear
7.  May help to prevent the risk of cancer

Aloha -- Cathi