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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Sea Day #2

Aloha Everyone,

At the start of this morning’s Destination Presentation on Honolulu, I was able to exchange ALOHA with Kumu Rowena. She was happy to hear about Jeff‘s involvements at Nanakuli High School as coach, Registrar and teacher. She appreciates Jeff’s love and respect for the people who live on the Hawaiian Homeland in the Nanakuli/Waianae neighborhoods. 

We found a perfect gift for Jeff. Kumu Rowena signed and wrote a message for Jeff on her self-published book, Random Acts of Aloha.

Our table mates for this evening were happy and curious cruisers. Conversation flowed freely with Bob & Shirley from AZ plus Brenda & Randy from CA. Sharing our stories of how each of us met, our family were so much fun that J.J. and I were late in getting to the Princess Theater and secure seats for Showtime: A Tribute to ABBA.

By missing ABBA, we went to listen to A Tribute to the Beatles with Andy Morris. The venue of The Piazza Deck 5 didn’t have best acoustics but sharing a table with Jane & Mary made up for the lack of quality performance.

Tonight we are advancing another hour.

Aloha -- Cathi