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Monday, October 23, 2023

Kona, Big Island

Aloha Everyone,

We went ashore using a Princess Cruise tender. Our attempt to get to a nearby shopping center was unsuccessful. We waited for about an hour for the Trolley which was to charge $2.50 per person per one way. Taxi for the same destination to shopping center asked for $40. We decided to return to the ship.

Dinner table mate included a couple from Williams, AZ whose son graduated from Art Center. Expensive tuition paid off. He now does animations for Nickelodeon and is a successful, highly compensated who loves his work. The couple has been married for 58 years.

The other table mates were from Fresno, CA. Introvert of a man who was celebrating his birthday. The couple have been married for 53 years. He shared his small birthday chocolate cake with everyone which I enjoyed  with my Glutton free cheese cake.

It was heartwarming to share with two happily married couples who have been married longer than us.

Michael Wilson, Master Impressionists took a little while to warm up his audience. His final piece, a tribute to Robin Williams via song, “It’s a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong was an emotional and perfect choice to close the program.

J.J. and I dressed up to wrap up our wonderful Hawaiian islands visits.

Aloha -- Cathi