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Monday, October 2, 2023

Appointment with Dr. Anne Nguyen

Aloha Everyone,

I waited two hours to be seen by Dr. Nguyen. A technician spend about 5 minutes conducting a rudimentary eye exam. Thereafter my eyes were dilated. I am not sure how long the yellow sticky eye drop maintains my eyes moist. Dr. Nguyen’s cheerful demeanor makes it easier for me to forgive the excessive waiting period. Dr. Nguyen likewise says how much she loves seeing happy, cheerful patients. I believe our personalities complement each other!

Happy verdict. My eyesight is excellent. Tests indicate that there has been no deterioration ie: flashes and floaters. Dr. Nguyen’s findings suggest that I have a slight astigmatism on my left eye. Thus sharpness is compromised. 

No urgent follow up appointments. The appointment nurse stated 6 months to a year whenever you are back in the country. I have been religiously taking Areds 2 pills twice a day for the past two years. A jar of Areds 2 vitamin supplements for macular degeneration cost approximately $36.58. It is a small, worthwhile preventative cost.

Flu and COVID vaccines - check. My appointment with ophthalmologist -check. I just have3 more pending appointments prior to our cruise departure!

Aloha -- Cathi