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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Day 10 Sea Day, Formal Night

Aloha Everyone,

Complimentary canap├ęs delivered to our stateroom on Formal Nights is another perk of being Elite Class. 

Lobster & Crab cake was our choice for tonight’s main dish at International Cafe.

Our table sharing brought together people from wider regions and backgrounds.

One couple has five children, two sets of paternal twins and a child who was born in between. Calm and relaxed with angelic smiles on her face, the mother raised the children mainly by herself with occasional help from her mother who lives nearby.

The children are all grown and they now have 8 grandchildren to pamper and enjoy.

The other two are friends and traveling together. Both retired and when they heard of our nomadic lifestyle, they were most curious. J.J. and I were touched to hear one of the women from Trenton, New Jersey who talked about her family’s working in the construction industry. Aspiration for her talented granddaughter seemed to have been quashed when she too plans to work in construction. Hopefully she felt a little better when some of us suggested that knowing basic construction could lead her into a career of using Ai to design roads, buildings, and bridges.

Aloha -- Cathi