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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Apia, Samoa (Western Samoa)

Aloha Everyone,

The big news is that we skipped Monday when we crossed the Equator. So today is Tuesday.

Not to be outdone by its neighbor, American Samoa, we were greeted by dancing and a singing group. However, Apia’s tourism entity was not well organized. 

There were several groups of hawkers trying to get passengers attentions. Some were selling personalized tours for at least 20 people, smaller group tours or private tours in taxi. Our attitude towards today’s destination was let’s see what happens. Hearing about the free shuttle services to downtown, we decided to take it.

Standing in the shade of a makeshift holding area, we patiently waited. After 30 minutes or so, two small air conditioned Toyota van arrived.

Our ride to “Beautiful Samoa” tourist attraction site was a good photo ops of the Cathedral, churches, New Zealand Immigration and New Zealand High Commission buildings. We decided to stay on the shuttle and returned to the ship

Apia, Samoa is a sovereign nation but retains close relationship with New Zealand.

Main difference between Apia and Pago Pago is that they drive on the left side of the road. It can get confusing if you are driving a car where driver’s seat is on the left but have to drive on the right. 

Postcards with stamps were being offered on board along with currency exchange. Truly a convenient idea for passengers. It’s be interesting to see if the postcards to our family will reach them prior to our return.

Aloha -- Cathi