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Friday, November 17, 2023

Dravuni Island, Day 18

Aloha Everyone,

Dravuni is promoted as one of the Pacific’s most unspoiled destinations. Fiji’s University of the South Pacific has a field station at Dravuni to enable researchers and students to study the nearby coral reefs and the abundant marine life that live around the island and reef.

The entire Kadaru Group of islands has a population of only 12,000. Only 120 live on Dravuni. (Source: Fiji government data). 

We rode a ship’s tender to go to the Dravuni Island. Once our shoes touched the white Sandy shore, we were greeted by “bula” a Fijian greeting that has multi-purpose. It means “hey”, “hello”, “welcome” and “bye”. Another word we hear is “vinaka”, thank you. When I was taking photos on the island, I heard men & women as well as small children shouting “bula bula and vinaka” in one long breath.

Aloha -- Cathi