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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Hilo Farmers Market

Aloha Everyone,

Hilo Farmers Market is within walking distance from the cruise ship terminal. However, with winds, tropical showers and humidity, we rode the free shuttle bus to downtown.

Abundant fruits and vegetables reminded me of Legaspi Village Farmers Market in Makati, Philippines. Lansones, Rambutan and Kaki looked delicious and inviting. 

After spending about an hour, we returned to the comfort of the Sapphire Princess.

A couple of interesting things to note:

Our guide who rode on the shuttle bus was an enterprising woman. She told the passengers that she is offering tours including several highlights of Hilo. The cost of the same tour, if purchased via the cruise ship, is $400 per person.  However she can do it for $70 per person. The only criteria is that it must be cash transaction. 

With the amount of cash she was holding in her hands, it must’ve been well accepted. Our return shuttle had only 4 couples on board.

The bus driver is from Colorado. After he and his wife retired, they decided to volunteer at national parks as docents. After 6 months stint at the Rocky Mountain National Park, they came to Hawaii and now volunteer at Volcano National Park in Hilo. Since the volunteer work is only 3 days a week, he drives the shuttle bus and his wife works at a souvenir shop to supplement their income.

Aloha -- Cathi