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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ame - Japanese Hard Candy

Aloha Everyone

My Mother returned from her 12-days trip to Japan where she received an award and recognition for her role in promoting classic Japanese music in the West.

For her relatives and friends, she always takes unique food items that are only found in specialty stores in America. In exchange they gift her items that are specialties of the region. 

Ame or amedama is a Japanese word for hard candy. Here are some unique hard candies and traditional sweets she brought back.

Daikon-Shoga (Radish-ginger)

Renkon Seki Nodo Ame (Lotus Root Cough Drop)

Rattka Ame ( Peanut Candy)

Takase Ame - Nougat from Takase

Imo Nattou - Sweet Potato prepared as preserved sweet

Ama Natto - Sweet Soy Beans

Okonomi Natto -Assorted Sweet Beans

Aloha -- Cathi