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Friday, February 6, 2015

Unwelcome Visitors in My Mother's Garden

Aloha Everyone,

It is inevitable as their natural habitats are lost to new housing developments, urbanization of gray squirrels follows.

For most of us squirrels we've encountered in the wild are adorable, friendly and harmless animals. The two squirrels that seemed to have made a permanent home in my Mother's garden are as large as medium-sized domestic cats. I do not regard them cute or approachable.

I was watering my Mothers Bonsai when the first gray squirrel ran up one of the shelves where plants are kept. It happened so suddenly I reacted by pointing the water hose I had in my hand and tried to douse the rodent. The animal hissed at me and hopped onto the top of the fence.

The second squirrel ran between my legs nearly making me loose my balance.  This animal was clenching some sort of food between his teeth.

They are non-domesticated mammals  but edged into the human community. I was informed that the government animal control offices would not assist citizens to capture and release gray squirrels.  One option given is to call a professional pest control company.
Please enjoy some hidden winter beauties found in my another's garden.

Aloha -- Cathi