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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jim and Susan, London Bridge, and Wickenburg

Aloha Everyone

The wonderful and amazing people that J.J. and I encounter are one of the best part of our home-free RV adventure lifestyle. 

This morning we met Jim and Susan as we were both preparing for our departures. Jim is a retired army pilot and Susan was a former nurse with Kaiser Permanents in Hawaii. Imagine our joy and surprise when Susan mentioned that she attended Kailua High School. Both parties delayed our departures as there was so much to learn about each other.

J.J. and I promised to keep in touch and visit them in Montana.

Before leaving Lake Havasu City, I was able to take this classic shot of the London Bridge. While J.J. waited for me in Honu, I ran to the bridge, climbed over a private balcony of a business entity, greeted the man "good morning" who was standing there with a coffee cup in his hand and.took several shot of the bridge.

Our drive along Arizona 60 was beautiful.

Tonight we are staying in Wickenburg. It is about 2,000 ft above sea level, has a charming old downtown and a very comfortable RV Park. This was one of the mining area where prospectors used to come to pan for gold.

Old town Wickenburg

With free WiFi, J.J. is catching up with the  news.

Aloha -- Cathi