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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mario's Ristorante - Little English but Best Pizza

Aloha Everyone,

J.J. and I were able to purchase last minutes 12-days cruise on Carnival Triumph to the Caribbean. We depart on Monday, March 2nd, from the port of Galveston.

Today we spent the day taking care of documentations required by the Department of Homeland Security and the cruise company. 

Frankie at the Office Depot where we made photo copies of documents also assisted us with the Girl's Day package we mailed to our granddaughter. We were amazed at the volume of work required by Office Depot which I suppose function as an agent for the United States Postal Service. It took Frankie nearly 20 minutes to process and input information required. It does not seem like a profitable relationship being an agent for the U.S. Postal Service to mail a package with $5.75 postage.

J.J. has lost nearly 20 pounds since we began our RV adventure. He is looking fit and healthy.  A minor inconvenience is that his pants became too loose. We purchased one size smaller slacks at PalaIs Royal, a local clothing store.

For lunch, we went to Mario's Italian Restaurant. Our wait was long because there was a large group of local high school baseball players and their coaches celebrating their "defeat".

The sign reads, "We speak very little English but we make the Best Pizza."

Sergio our server was very attentive and kept on giving me refills of hot water with lemon. Quality of our lunch was absolutely fantastic. We shared a small plate of Spaghetti Alfredo and a medium size Pizza Carnivore. Yes, the pizza was J.J.'s choice.

Here is Sergio bringing our pasta dish and Joe preparing our pizza.

The remainder of the day was spent doing our laundry and cooking trying to consume all perishable foods we have in Honu.

Aloha -- Cathi