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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Learning From My Pain and Going Beyond Physical Discomfort

Aloha Everyone,

Today is another wonderful day. I am making steady progress of managing and lessening pain derived from my sport injury.

Yesterday I was not even able to stand on my tip toes. Today I can stay up for, 9 minutes without feeling pain in my body.

I can now hug my left knees standing on my right foot. I am able to kick my back with my right heel standing on my left foot. However shoulder stand and head stand is still a way to go.

I am taking this as a great opportunity to connect with others who are living with pain. I wonder if they their pain are constant or do their pain subside and amplify, high and low like a tide. Doing something which I can pay full attention to is also another way to mitigate physical pain. Being mindful and know how every part of your body reacts to pain. Focus. Imagine pain free body. Breathe.

My sister dropped by with a fruit basket to see how I am feeling. Her comment of "I thought you might look wilted, but you look normal" as a very kind compliment. I will practice 30 more minutes of Tadasana "Mountain Pose" before going to bed.

"An asana is not a posture which you asume mechanically.  It involves thought, at the end of which a balance is achieved between movement and resistance."

- B.K.S. Iyengar from YOGA, the Path to Holistic Health

Aloha -- Cathi