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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Foggy Galveston

Aloha Everyone,

Everything is shrouded in thick warm moist fog. Cries of sea birds sound like echoing fog horns we heard in Oregon.

J.J. and I spent the morning catching up with some of our email correspondences. Then we went out for a hot lunch of gumbo, fish and J.J.'s favorite oysters and shrimp dishes at the Shrimp N' Stuff. The small restaurant was again packed.

Seawall Blvd runs parallel to the Gulf of Mexico. Surfers are a hardy bunch and the thick fog certainly did not deter them from going into the water.

The Pleasure Pier where rides were not operating today because of the fog.

The historic beachfront Hotel Galvez & Spa has been welcoming international clientele with discriminating taste  for over 100 years. Known for its elegant decor and luxurious service, the majestic building appeared like a ghost in the fog. Restaurants offer spectacular views but with today's weather, we just circled the property with Honu to satisfy our curiosity/

The Bayou Shore RV Park is located on the Offatts Bayou between West Bay and Gulf of Mexico. When there was a little sunlight between heavy dark clouds, I walked around and took some photos. The colorful reddish-orange building used to be a restaurant.  A friendly biker who is also staying in this park told me that the same owner who owns this RV
park also owns the property. They are "in-between" restaurant operators who will make it a fine dining place.

Aloha -- Cathi