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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 3 of Cruise on Carnival Triumph - Sailing in Gulf of Mexico

Aloha Everyone,

We have crossed another time zone and we are now one hour ahead.

This mornings breakfast party was a lovely and very diverse group of individuals.

Cathy is a K to 12 substitute teacher from Wichita, Kansas. Her sister, Lori is a home caregiver who works with Bruce who is from Denver, Colorado.

Cathy and Lori

Lori and Bruce

Bob is a cable company technician  and originally from France. His wife, Fanny is a hairdresser. She told us a great story of having the world famous opera singer Pavarotti as her client. I am sure if Pavarotti had a bad hair style, the critics would have been all over him. This lovely couple currently live in Orlando, Florida.

Eggs Benedict and fresh fruit - my breakfast choice

People we meet on cruise have one thing in common. We all have zest for life, passion for travel and love to meet new people. 

Here is our lunch selection.

Southern-style ribs for J.J.

Spinach ravioli for me

Peach mouse for me

German chocolate cake for J.J.

At about 6:00 pm, there was an on-board announcement about a disabled vessel. Since our cruise ship was the closest to the disabled vessel, the captain stated that we were turning around to offer assistance.

After two hours of on board anticipations and speculations, the disabled vessel incident turned out to be an abandoned raft.

We are back on course and without any compromise to our time of arrival at the Grand Cayman.

Here are our dinner selections.

J.J.'s pate

My mushroom potato soup

J.J.'s steak

My Norwegian salmon

Aloha -- Cathi