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Friday, March 20, 2015

Louisiana, Cajun Food, Churches

Aloha Everyone,

Louisiana has several nicknames including Bayou State. A bayou usually refers to sluggish or stagnant water. The highest elevation is Driskill Mountain and it is only 535 feet above sea level. It is also interesting to note that much of the land formed as a result of sediment washed down from the Mississippi River. No wonder this part of the country is subject to constant flooding.  

Only 4.7% of the population speak French, but J.J. and I notice that the French influence is strong along with Spanish, Native American and African.

Cuisine has a very distinctive flavor and one of them is Cajun. Taste is spicy and hot as they use lots of  dried cayenne pepper and dried black pepper. I love hot, spicy foods but Cajun food is not very kind to my stomach.

Fried food - oyster, shrimp, catfish with French fries and coleslaw

Cajan spice

Also may be grilled or boiled. Trying to keep our healthy diet.

Louisiana Yam Cake - sample actual size is 1" diameter

Pecan pie - both desserts were excellent.

J.J. and I drove on  highway 171 to Shreveport. We then decided to drive down I-49 towards Alexandria. There are many beautiful Southern mansions as well as churches. Most of the churches are Baptist.

Tonight we are staying at Nakatosh Campground in Natchitoches. Very trusting, they had envelopes ready for you to register and make a payment. No one was around. The owner posted the bathroom and WiFi codes on the office door.

It is beginning to rain.  We might have to alter our plans for tomorrow depending on the weather.

Aloha -- Cathi