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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 7 of Cruise on Carnival Triumph - Colon, Panama

Aloha Everyone,

There were a lot of beautiful, bright colored building along the shoreline as the Carnival Triumph came to rest at the port of Colon.

From a long list of shore activities, the only thing J.J. and I wanted to see was the Gatun Lock. Reynaldo, the taxi driver we hired believed that road signs were meant for others. He drove like he owned the road. From the moment we sat inside his cab, J.J. and I were sitting forward ready to duck or jump out as the situation warranted.

Photos of the streets of Colon

Reynaldo took us, waited for us to witness the amazing crossing of a container vessel through the Gatun Lock and safely delivered us back to the ship all in less than 2 hours. J.J. was very pleased and gave Reynaldo a large 20% tip.

Photos of Gatun Lock

Aloha -- Cathi