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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cathi Driving on the I-10 towards Comfort, TX

Aloha Everyone,

Today was a beautiful, sunny day with excellent road conditions. This was a perfect opportunity for me to drive! I actually drove from Ft Stockton to Ozons, for about 90 minutes or 100 miles. It was quite enjoyable. There was not much change in the scenery and we occasionally smelled the stench of skunks' through the air vents of Honu.

At the small town of Ozona we saw "Cafe Next Door" whose parking lot was full. Half of the menu were Mexican dishes. J.J. and I asked for the Today's Special Cowboy plate, an open faced hamburger bun topped with fresh avocado, grilled Texas onion, green pepper with strips of steak served with French fries. J.J. and I exchanged my 1/2 sandwich for his green pepper.

Lisa, our waitress is a local girl born and raised in Ozona. She told us that in order to go shopping or to see movies, you have to drive to San Angelo about 80 miles one way.

Desolate and dry landscape with occasional sightings of silent oil drills is a painful reminder of the boom and bust nature of the oil business.

The town's name, Comfort was inviting. J.J. and I decided to pull into the RV Park USA. Catered to mostly long stay residents, I met a lady who has been here for 3 years. She is from 15 miles north of here, but she refers to that as "back home."

78 degrees, warm temperature is conducive to desert plants and birds.

Aloha -- Cathi